About Us..

Back at the start of 2020 the world changed in ways that affected everyone. I wanted to create a way for fun and family time to still be possible in amongst some of the stress that 2020 had caused.

My name is Dawn.. ever since I was little I always loved having a bath. Secretly I believed I was in fact part mermaid. I loved the ocean and just as much I loved the wilderness. 


As I got older I wanted nothing more after a long hard day to relax in a bubble bath and refocus my mind from that days adventure. I started thinking of different ideas for bath bombs without realising. So in 2020 I took the leap to start working on Wild Jungle.


What started off as a hobby has grown into a business where I am surrounded by amazing bath and shower lovers who are all part of the Wild Jungle Tribe.

My main aim for Wild Jungle was to find unique and fun ideas to get even those water reluctant babes into the tub. I wanted to create products all the family could enjoy from children through to grandparents.