Our Projects

We are proud to be carbon neutral here at Wild Jungle. Check out the projects we and you (every time you order) have helped over the past few months.

South West Australia Reforestation


This project is a native reforestation project located in Southwest Australia - a global biodiversity hotspot. The project is established on degraded, semi-arid agricultural land that no longer supports viable farming practices. It removes carbon from the atmosphere and recreates a healthy and functioning landscape, restored after decades of habitat loss and soil degradation.

Planting native tree and shrub species indigenous to the region provides essential habitat and connectivity for birds and animals to transition through the landscape.

The project also delivers measurable environmental, social, economic and heritage benefits to the community, including local Indigenous inclusion and employment and support of over 80 local businesses. The reforestation is protected for 100 years by Carbon Right and Carbon Covenants registered on land titles.

Hyrdoelectric Power in Fiji


The main objective of this project is to help Fiji’s rising demand for energy due to economic growth, and to contribute to the environmental, social and economic sustainability by increasing the renewable energy’s share of the total Fijian electricity consumption.

Nadarivatu Hydroelectric Power Plant uses the renewable hydro potential of the Korolevu weir to generate electricity at the Nadarivatu power station and to supply it to the Viti Levu grid, contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse-gas emission factor of Fiji’s energy system. The project activity reduces emissions by avoiding electricity generation through fossil fuel consumption.